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Why We Do What We Do: There is a tremendous need in the industry to provide a single source of service support to water and wastewater treatment plants across the country that can deploy at a moment’s notice across the country and solve the issues that arise and do it right the first time.

Clean Infusion is providing clean water and wastewater facilities around the nation with aftermarket services tailored to enhance the performance of the process and operations. We have either acquired the expertise or partnered with the best in the industry to provide unparalleled service and support.

We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our service, our competitive cost structure, the relationships that we are building and our ability to quickly respond to your issues. We cover the entire North American region. We understand that issues arise daily that require immediate attention and expertise to quickly resolve the issue. We have the industry expertise, connections, supplier relationships and can source and work on any manufacture’s equipment as we are not exclusive to any one manufacturer.

Our 5 regional offices (and growing) allow us to provide a stronger network of support around the country:
•  King of Prussia, PA
•  Columbia, MO
•  Davenport, IA
•  Quincy, WA
•  Winter Haven, FL

Our crews have many years of experience with all types of equipment and processes. We have provided services to some of the largest facilities and engineering firms in the country as well as the smallest package plants and everything in between. Extensive insurance coverage, performance and payment bonding capabilities to meet any project requirements.

It is in our mutual best interest to satisfy you the customer with the best solution period

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