Cleaning (In-Situ, sludge, dredge, tank, scale removal, aeration, clean water)

We provide complete cleaning solutions for water and wastewater treatment plants including aeration/digestor basins, sludge/sand/grit/rag removal, solids separation and processing, hauling services, lagoon dredging, clean water tank scale removal, In-Situ aeration diffuser cleaning as well as other cleaning services. We utilize both manned and robotic cleaning mechanism’s.

Aeration and Aerator Equipment (Fabrication and Installation)

Clean Infusion has the ability to fabricate and install aeration equipment. We have installed, repaired and replaced all major brands of aeration equipment including Sanitaire, SSI, EDI, Jaeger Aeration, Triple Point and others. We also have fabricated and installed coarse bubble systems such as the check valve diffusers systems (Duck Bill). Have the capability to perform work on surface aerators.

Mechanical Equipment: Installation, Repair, Maintenance

Clean Infusion performs complete repair, installation, start up and maintenance on wastewater and water equipment such as:

•  Clarifiers
•  Pumps
•  Mixers
•  Filters
•  Screens
•  Blowers
•  Sluice gates
•  Surface Aerators
•  Screw Conveyors
•  Headworks
•  Many other major mechanical equipment
•  Pipe work and below grade work

We also provide long term service and maintenance contracts on all brands of equipment.

Lagoon Maintenance

•  Complete installation, cleaning, dredging, repair and installation of equipment and lagoon ground work
•  Baffle installation.
•  Floating lateral and fixed aeration equipment repair, replacement and installation.
•  Specialized equipment to work on water.
•  Clean Infusion crew members having an average of 10 years experience working with lagoons and lagoon equipment.

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